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June 12-24, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, June 11, 6-9 pm
278 Grand St, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10002
Open daily except Monday, 12-6 pm or by appointment

No One Steps in the Same Piss Twice, 2013, Fountain #1,
foam, resin, water, rubber, steel, pump, electrical parts, batteries wood, approx. 56in. x 32in. x 32in.

Gallery SENSEI is pleased to present
Vending Shift
an exhibit of new works by Ellen Jong

The phrase “Peeness Envy” emerged from Ellen Jong’s mouth like a Freudian slip one night while she
was describing her work’s aim to take the “penis out of envy.” Peeness Envy is a direct response to
Freud’s theory, “penis envy,” that when a female child sees her father’s penis for the first time, she will desire to have one for the rest of her life. To illustrate his theory, Freud developed an image of a fire in a pit surrounded by men trying to put it out with their own urine. The first man to do this successfully would be considered a “strong man” who would live with a fiery power within him. According to Freud, women could only nurture the fire. Jong’s show is an invitation to the public to subvert Freud’s assertions, to encourage a new understanding of the metaphorical fire and the relationship one may have to it. At the center of the show, an installation of six yellow neon tubes suspended from the ceiling will cascade to the floor. As the work evokes both flame and bodily fluid (urine), Jong will command the room with a yellow glow, reminding viewers of the fire and water in us all. Other new work on view will include photographs, sculpture, and drawings.

Special Programming
Personal experience and storytelling drive Jong’s work. On June 17, she will further the conversation by transforming the solo show into a salon style group show called Around the Campfire.
Peeness Envy wearables—caps, tees, jeans, and sweatshirts—will be available for purchase for the
duration of the exhibition.

About the Artist
Ellen Jong first received art world acclaim with the publication of her first monograph, Pees on Earth
(miss rosen edition/powerHouse Books, 2006), in which she photographed herself urinating around the world for over a decade. Her celebrated work gave birth to the notion of "the existential pee puddle." She subsequently developed a mixed media practice that has allowed her to continue exploring femininity, body, gender, discovery and conflict. She is also the author of the artist book, Getting To Know My Husband’s Cock (self-published 2010 / d.a.p).

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